YOU’ RE NOT PUNK !!!!!!!!

YOU’ RE NOT PUNK !!!!!!!!

I was Looking around in a nice Charity Shop in St. John’s Wood…..
Obviously peering between vinyl and cd’s, when I saw this old book (2005) with a Black cover that caught my attention.
I opened It at random, approximately in Its middle,
And what I found ????
An interesting Article written by the leader of the Anarchist Punk Band “CRASS” Penny Rimbaud.

The Photo hits me straight in the face and the Title has done the same.


I think that the purpose of a good Article is to insinuate doubt, suggest a different perspective, triggering reflections and increase the awareness of each of us.

This Article has done with me so, perhaps, It could also do with You.

I have attached the online version here below …

Read It !!!!!!



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