Close to Christmas

Close to Christmas

Probably when We are close to Christmas is inevitable for most of the People Thinking about the past, about what have been and what will be, and especially think about those Person who, for some reason have been important in our Life.
This probably because when this Time comes, announces the end of another Year and induces us to draw conclusions.
Making an autocratic about yourself.
I was only 25 years old when I started my adventure with one of the most important Music Artist in the Italian scene.
I was just a little Guy grown in the countryside.
A little Guy so simple, who didn’t know anything about the real Music, the real Art and the real Life.
I worked Shoulder to Shoulder with him for nearly eight Years.
Eight Years in which was not always easy ……
But without doubt the craziest eight Years of my Life.
Only now I can understand the importance of having had a Mentor.
A Mentor Big as Him,
A Mentor who taught me how important it is to believe in yourself, how important it is to believe in your own Ideas and take action in spite of the opinion of everyone and everything.
The importance of exceeding your limits and always improve.
The importance of never waste our time and actually try to optimize it to the maximum, because this moment will pass and may not recur.
The importance of appreciating all the beautiful Things around us and always be happy with what we have.
You must always be sticking to my ass !!!!! He was always used to tell me !!!!!
Today I was on the Subway, listening  Music with my iPod,
And, accidentally started a Song.
A piece of an artist which we often listened for his enormous Creativity, Innovation and Experimentations.
Joe Zawinul
I was sitting looking out of the Window.
I could breathe the happiness of People.
And together with the landscape scroll the memories of those years.
The Stages, the People, The Artists, The Audience, Car trips and Hotel Rooms.
This Video is for remind that time.
Happy Christmas to everyone from RRRabbit.

FX Lombardo

The Zawinul syndicate – North Sea Jazz 1977

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