Ultravox – Astradyne

Ultravox – Astradyne

It is 5:56 in the Morning.
Outside the Window of my little Room in London it is still pitch dark.
The Sun does not seem to rise Today. In a Night like this a Man need only Three Things for feeling satisfied.

A Cup of hot black Coffee.
A decent pair of Headphones.
And a good Record.

An adrenaline discharge pierces my Bowels
And a shiver runs down my Spine.
The Keyboards solo made me almost cry.

The Memory takes me back to Bands like Kraftwerk and Neu.

So this is my 5:56 Morning Track.


2 thoughts on “Ultravox – Astradyne

    1. Hi Paul, really thanks for your nice Comment, I really appreciate It.
      Unfortunately I didn’t personally make that picture but When I saw It on Internet that night in 2015, while I was listening Vienna, The famous Ultravox’s Album, I thought, This is the picture which would express my feeling perfectly. Probably I was right if you have noticed that. Thanks again Paul, All the Best. F.L.

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