Felix Lombardo and Fluffy Spring – ” RRRabbit On Air ” – Podcast

Felix Lombardo and Fluffy Spring – ” RRRabbit On Air ” – Podcast

Italian Drummer and Blogger Felix Lombardo goes around in London asking to Musicians, Friends and people involved in music business to make for His Radio Podcast RRRabbit a good playlist based on them Memories, experiences and Personal feelings Trying always to learn new things about what He Loves, Music.
Today with Him for RRRabbit , singer, vinyl addicted and Friend Fluffy Spring.
Enjoy It !!!

  1. Beat me til I’m blue KPM-Music Record Library
  2. Ballad of Mr Snake Kevin Ayeres
  3. G song Supergrass
  4. Mr Blur Tom Verlaine
  5. I feel love Donna Summer
  6. Hero Neu!!!
  7. Sono quì con voi Caterina Caselli
  8. Rattle Snake Shake Fleetwood mac

If You are interested in record with me your playlist in my Podcast  You can write to rrrabbitblog@gmail.com

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