Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore – On October 14 – 2011 Their marriage ended taking Sonic Youth with It.

Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore – On October 14 – 2011 Their marriage ended taking Sonic Youth with It.

ON  OCTOBER 14, 2011, five years ago, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore announced through a statement by MATADOR RECORDS that they separated after 27 years of marriage. A month later, November 14, 2011, Sonic Youth played their last concert in São Paulo, Brazil.
AFTER 30 years of career and 14 albums THE BAND seem gone forever although in a recent interview Thurston Moore, Leader of the band with Kim Gordon, has hinted a light at the end of the tunnel.

HERE below, taken from the Book “Girl in a band”, KIM GORDON describes The last concert of Sonic Youth and lists to us all the songs they played that night.


WHEN  we came out onstage for our last show, the night was all about the boys. Thurston double-slapped our bass guitarist Mark Ibold on the shoulder and loped across the stage, followed by Lee Ranaldo, our guitarist, and then Steve Shelley, our drummer. was the last one to come on, making sure to mark off some distance between Thurston and me. I was exhausted and watchful. Steve took his place behind his drum set like a dad behind a desk. The rest of us armed ourselves with our instruments like a battalion, an army that just wanted the bombardment to end. AFTER thirty years, tonight was Sonic Youth’s final concert. The SWU Music and Arts Festival was taking place in Itu, just outside São Paulo, Brazil, five thousand miles from our home in New England. It was a three-day-long event, broadcast on Latin American television and streamed online, too, with big corporate sponsors like Coca-Cola and Heineken. It was a strange place for things to come to an end.

THE São Paulo set list borrowed from when we first started out, lyrics Thurston and I had written apart or together, songs that took Sonic Youth through the eighties and the nineties, and our most recent albums.
The set list may have seemed like a best-of compilation but it was carefully thought through.”

01 Brave Men Run
02 Death Valley ’69
03 Sacred Trickster
04 Calming the Snake
05 Mote
06 Cross the Breeze
07 Schizophrenia
08 Drunken Butterfly
09 Starfield Rd.
10 Flower
11 Sugar Kane
12 Teen Age Riot

“MOORE, asked to reflect on that final gig in a new interview, admitted that he did not think it was the last time the band would play together before the gig and still doesn’t. HE is quoted as saying the group “goes on and won’t end.”


“SONIC YOUTH was a bond that existed between four of us. I have a tattoo that says ‘SONIC LIFE’ and it’s something that defines me forever. For me, IT GOES ON AND WON’T END.”

Fx Lombardo

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