Everyone knows that in numerology the number “3” is considered the perfect number and, for Jack Sandham (Guitar/Keys/Vox) and Wednesday Lyle (Drums/Vox) Co-founders in 2009 of the London based duo “Cowbell” the number “3” could be a really good number.

Hunted Heart”, their 3rd album, out on May 26th 2017, produced by the band themselves at Soup studios in Limehouse, London, on Damaged Goods, and preceded by Skeleton Soul in 2014 and Beat Stampede in 2012 is undoubtedly and unequivocally a job well done.

COWBELL-HAUNTED HEART - COVERCOWBELL skeleton soul - CoverCOWBELL Beat Stampade - Cover

Cowbell’s opening track “Haunted Heart“ puts You in a great mood right from the start, dresses You up in a leather jacket and puts You in the front seat of a 70s Convertible Chevrolet speeding across Nevada route 50.

An LP, which, through its 11 tracks, spreads and sprinkles Rock and Roll from every pore.

But, “Haunted Heart” is definitely much more than just a collection of Rock and Roll songs.

At the beginning, just to warm up,

Rockabilly atmospheres, spectral synthesizer , feedback and reverberation, deep and booming Drums.

Along the way Gospel choirs, vibrant Organs, Delta Blues Guitars,

dirty solos, catchy rhythms, Congas and rhythmic Cowbells.

To conclude, finishing off with “class” a heartbreaking southern Soul ballad, full of harmony, Piano, Saxophone notes and intricate vocal constructions.

Haunted Heart, the new Cowbell release is the perfect balance between energy and melancholy and It does not let You down, a lot of Soul, Gospel, RnB, more Detroit Motown style, a lot of musicality , melody…..

In one word a lot of Heart.

The intention to make an Album of “Songs” was to achieve what every lyric should do in everyone’s life, turn a bad day into a better one by creating vibrant emotions in the depths of our Soul.

A production that wants to, without any doubt, remains firmly anchored to the Rock and Roll origins style but that confirms the absolute will and needs of the Band to evolve, refine, experiment and research for new expressive and stylistic musical forms.

Simply and sincerely the latest Cowbell release, Haunted Heart, is a great Album.

So Welcome back Cowbell!

And “Benvenue” Haunted Heart!

FX Lombardo/Edit by W. Jeffries

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