Light in the attic records | Label from sheattle | RRRabbit Recommends

Light in the attic records | Label from sheattle | RRRabbit Recommends

Light In The Attic Records is an independent record label established in 2002 in Seattle, Washington by Matt Sullivan.

The company mission is simple: put out great music, wherever it may be found, however it may sound. their productions range from classic reissues to grooming young artists of the future. Light In The Attic has re-released works by artists such as Betty Davis, Serge Gainsbourg, Jim Sullivan, Jane Birkin, The Free Design, and many more. The record label has also released albums by contemporary bands like The Black Angels and Nicole Willis and The Soul Investigators.


If You’ll ask cars lovers what is your Dream? He might say “a 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa”
If You’ll ask Lovers of painting what is your Dream? He might say “The Famous Van gogh’s SunFlowers”
If You’ll ask to music Vinyl lovers, what is your dream? He might say “walking inside an attic and discovering the complete original Beatles vinyl Press”.

Since the first Moment I fell in love with this record Label. Light In The Attic Records.

Just Pronouncing this name gives me pure joy. I imagine myself climbing a narrow and steep staircase leading to the attic. I Open an old trapdoor and Passing through it find myself in the dark. Pulling a dangling thin wire a bulb turns on, Lighting up a world of dust, white sheets and cardboard boxes. Cardboard Boxes?? Yes! Cardboard Boxes! Full of records! Hundred of records. Records, and again records. Isn’t it a dream??? Don’t wake me up Please!!!!

light in the attic records - collection covers2

This is a story that began in 1997, in Spain, when Matt Sullivan, co-founder of  Light In The Attic Records, meets Iñigo Pastor, owner of Spanish labels Vampi Soul and Munster Records after a motor crash in Madrid.

Light In The Attic records, is something more than just a “name” or a “logo”, something more than just a marketing brand. This name is a romantic story that Talks about a Dream and about one Passion.

Music Music Music Music 

light in the attic recordsDef

That Day I was searching for a Link Wray’s album, but instead I came through an old Lucio Battisti’s vinyl reissue, “Amore e non amore”, a concept work released in July 1971.
My first thought was: who could be so crazy to reissue an old Italian record like this?????
Easy answer, Light in the attic records.

Pride and excitement were my feelings. Pride in discovering that a Seattle-based label, Grunge‘s mother-house, was interested in an Italian author and excited to have found an indescribable archive of musical publications, perfect to appease my so unstoppable musical appetite.

By making an example, You get the same feeling you experience when you are skint and you find a hundred pound banknote in the street.

At that moment I thought, Thank you God, I am not the only crazy guy on the planet earth. There are still others, like me, who put art first and profit second, because, you are not likely to become a millionaire selling reissues of an African electric album released in 1985! What do you Think??

In conclusion, this is my suggestion. Go to the Light In The Attic record’s website and enjoy surfing.

I am absolutely sure that You will experience a feeling like mine and You will find the music You were dreaming about. Ahhh, Remember, You will Find only Vinyls!

Good Luck.

Felix Lombardo / Edit by John Milne


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