Ought: Room Inside the World New album

Ought: Room Inside the World New album


Ought, Canadian band formed in Montreal in 2011 and famous for their tormented lyrics and their precise and excited nervous guitars, returns, after three years, with a new record, Room Inside The World.

A convincing album that however, at the same time, leaves their fans with some perplexities about the general sweetening of their new creation.

Probably, the change of label (from Constellation to Merge) added to the natural need for evolution that is part of the Artist race are the causes of these perplexities.

Elements that have ferried the quartet from the angular shapes of the early works to more rounded and harmonious constructions with a care for the melody that has never been so strong before.

Merge Records, relaunches a group that swallows bitter atmospheres and rhythms that often have an intellectual density, for a set of sounds that are good for the body and the mind.

The voice explores unknown abysses, the guitars become clearer, but, fortunately, the tension that has always characterized their sound has remained practically the same. Their autograph brand.

This is the third album for the Ought, after More Than Any Other Day  (2014) and Sun Coming Down (2015).

Room Inside the World by Ought is a concentrate of love for “Post Punk” and a sound alchemy daughter of Television, The Cure, Wire and Taking Heads.

A pulsing and dense music that plays with the different forms and ways of the “Art Punk”.
With their new album their verve has not melted, remaining faithful to the sounds of their origins but leaving space for compositions more mature, sometimes very hot, sometimes more experimental, but never too Pop.


Room Inside The World by Ought puts aside the fury of the beginning and gives us an ambitious and more than ever self-confident group. Once again.

Felix Lombardo


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